Case Study: When Gentleman Manners Won't Do

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2019

A gentleman is a person of moral excellence, but can manners ever be a bit too much? Sean was brought up to respect people and show deference to his elders and those in need, and he's stayed the course, even though society has grown increasingly more casual.

One day returning to the office after an off sight client call, Sean reached out to open the door for his business colleague Kristy. She told him that wasn't necessary, and grabbed the doorknob herself. Was Kristy correct? No!

Kristy believes that when it comes to the workplace, men and women are on equal ground—even when it involves etiquette. But Sean would have opened the door for a male coworker in need, just as he did for Kristy. Good manners are blind when it comes to gender and simple courtesies.

Two factors were at play here. Sean is in his early thirties and has a reputation around the office as being exceedingly well-mannered. In fact, his co-workers and clients often make a point to mention how great he makes...

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4 Fast Steps to Freeing the Butterflies Before Your Speech

If an expert is a person who is known for what they know, and you are said expert, what's causing those butterflies to come to life and make you feel uneasy at the most inopportune moment?

 I'll never forget my first invitation to the stage as a professional. I don't recall it because of the venue, which was famous Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. I don't recall it because of the large audience who were eager to hear me speak. I recall the occasion because I was caught trying to sneak out of the ballpark just prior to having my name announced.

I was simply horrified and felt that I couldn't handle the situation in a professional manner, so I did the next best thing and headed for the exit.

I share that anecdote to let you know that I hear you and I feel your pain. Public speaking can be excruciating if you don't employ key skills to help you shine, to prompt listeners to lean in with interest, take notes at a furious pace or laugh on cue.

Ben Franklin was correct in...

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