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"During my first few days in the Introvert To Influencer course, I accepted the challenge, stepped way outside my normal comfort zone and felt supported all the way. I've even had my application accepted to run a workshop at an industry conference. I have gone from feeling like a fish out of water to looking forward to meeting clients and networking...It's completely changed my professional life! "

Bhavya, CPA

"Your tips were helpful and educational, and the delivery itself was engaging, motivating and entertaining. "


"Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am. I have used the tips you gave me on a daily basis, and I don't feel the slightest bit awkward! I even introduce myself to total strangers, who ended up being very open and friendly. You are a gift from heaven, I swear."

Brynne, NPR Producer

"I look for opportunities to use my new skills, I practice everywhere, and I’m so much more confident..."

Kushagra, Graduate Student

Who is Susan Callender?

Ever try pitching a VC, or sell to a new customer, but you don't feel at all confident?
I help you shake up long-held habits and limiting beliefs by interrupting subconscious patterns. Your brain will literally think "Whoa...this is my shot — I will not waste this opportunity.
You've worked too hard and have too much at stake to be perceived as awkward, anxious, reluctant, and overthinking.
Together, we'll re-program the routines, habits, and behavior patterns that have you playing way too small.
We'll change the thoughts preventing you from confidently making consistent connections and progress toward your goal of being at ease in business-social situations.
I believe that I am the best and most qualified to teach you the social skills that will make an amazing difference in your professional and personal life.

Raising Social Capital

When you have capital you have power, and power brings increased opportunities. This video includes steps to click, link and sync with charisma, magnetism, and a polished, approachable presence.

The Social Confidence Pro Framework

I've got coaching and programs that will help you rock every room and forever alter perceptions and your professional persona.

"I thought I knew how to make a great impression... When my boss brought Susan in to work with our team, I quickly realized there was a ton I didn’t know! She is great and her tips are priceless... "

Dana S.
HR Consultant

"We invited Susan Callender to be a keynote speaker... and she blew away the attendees with her presentation! The attendees were enthralled with the tips, interactive nature of the talk, and the takeaways that they are using today in their lives to be more confident and make a great first impression. I highly recommend Susan for your future events as a featured presenter."

Ira K.
President, NEECOM

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