I show entrepreneurs and personal brands how to use interpersonal skills to win in competitive situations.

That statement would have been hard to believe over a decade ago when I was caught by the event host attempting to sneak out of the building just as the emcee was introducing me to speak at Fenway Park.

Several years later I delivered a flawless speech live to 36,000 people. Calm, confident, and in flow.

I am proof that we can all do hard and challenging things — and survive!

So, when I tell you that I can teach you how to absolutely light-up a room, or how to go from introvert to influencer or move from socially reserved and quiet to charismatic — I mean it.

I’m Susan Callender — and as you’ve probably guessed, helping you to sparkle, stand out, and be magnetic in high-stakes situations is my sweet spot.

I specialize in high-performance and life coaching on all things “people” or interpersonal skills.

To that end, I can help you elevate how you show up and how adept you are at the skills that draw people to you soft and social skills, business etiquette, interviewing, networking, public speaking, presenting and projecting overall confidence. 

My background is in high-touch, luxury hospitality, and that foundation launched a career dedicated to helping people look good and present their best.

I coach high-achieving, accomplished people who perhaps had the courage to create a product, yet speaking up, getting on stage, and marketing via video feels next to impossible. I will help you become more assertive, stop overthinking and playing small, and step toward the spotlight so everyone can see the unique value you bring.

I’ll show you how to stand out and own every room you enter.

You’ll project a warm persona, feel connected to colleagues, customers, and clients, and they’ll feel the same toward you.

I’ll teach you the secrets to projecting self-confidence in everyday business situations.

Do you want the customer? Work with me.

Do you want to make an impact in meetings? Work with me.

Do you want to command higher fees for your services? Work with me.

Do you want to experience what it's like to be a social butterfly at networking events and conferences? Work with me.

I'll help you squash fears, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and behaviors that have kept you out of the spotlight and playing small far too long.

You'll have a fresh start, with the psychological safety you need to command a room.

Together, we create easy to deploy strategies that feel completely natural, and which lead to tons of positive connections and a fully satisfying business life.

I wasn’t born naturally social — the great clientele, the stages, the TEDx Talk … that came on the heels of decades of being too reserved and clients not being able to reconcile my being an award-winning entrepreneur, who couldn’t express herself.

Whether your desire is to land dream clients, become a media personality as you dominate your field, or be invited to speak at industry conferences, helping you prepare for your next phase and gain the confidence necessary to be a respected, likable, and powerful leader is what I live for.

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