7 Tips to Sway People to Your Way of Thinking (Even While WFH)

These days it seems like your voice cannot be heard because other people speak so loudly.

It has nothing to do with you in particular, but rather the environment in general. When you are over-tasked and trying to keep your head above water at home and at work — and these days home and work may be one in the same, all you want from a business associate or a friend is a little compassionate understanding.


And the noise in their head is trying to fend off danger and annoyances and what may be trivial conversation.  So how do you make your presence known and your voice heard when connecting from a remote, home office?


Here is some food for thought. We are living manifestations of our environment. And the experiences in that environment informs our paradigms and how well whatever it is you want to present is received.


Those we work with, albeit at a distance are not familiar with our home environment. They’re not privy to our set up or our...

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