Each month we'll deep-dive into a specific strategy on how to stand out and make your unique value known in competitive places.

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Introvert to Influencer

A safe, online community where you can rise above perceived social limitations and experience a happier, more fulfilled, judgment-free life with less anxiety, no awkwardness, and oodles of confidence.

Whatever stage you are at in your quest to be socially skilled and confident, we’ll help you get over yourself and create social capital. 

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Well...Uh... That Was Awkward!

If you're like many professionals experiencing shyness, introversion, and social anxiety, knowing that you can experience social confidence is a relief. It's time to stop feeling  like you're the only one with these thoughts.
Being too quiet, self-conscious, or reserved in high-energy environments is not getting you where you want or expected to be.


Introvert to Influencer is a private members-only community for professionals and entrepreneurs who want  to be perceived as a confident, assertive, and influential person in your field, while avoiding the self-sabotaging habits, limiting beliefs, and "quirky" behaviors that make you at times feel like a fish out of water and socially ill-at-ease. 
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Unapologetically Introverted, Quiet, and Socially Reserved

  • Do you have difficulty meeting new people and making friends? 
  • Do you think about when you'll leave the party - before you have arrived?
  • Do you struggle to express yourself in meetings and make the valuable contributions expected of you?
  • Do you lock-up and freeze in social situations? 
  • Do you experience feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness with  how you speak and present? 
  • Do you avoid situations involving small talk,  group introduction ice breakers, and networking? 
  • Do you feel uncomfortable and anxious in job interviews? 
  • Do you R.S.V.P. in good faith, and somehow find yourself at home on your sofa at event time?
  • Do you over-think what should be quick decisions?
  • Do you feel judged and rejected just based on who you are, not on your skills?
  • Do you avoid creating videos, a blog, a podcast, or any content to raise your profile?
  • Do you struggle to believe in yourself?
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Introvert to Influencer 

Introvert to Influencer is a treasure chest of social confidence, human relations, and social skills expertise. You’ll have the tools, strategies, network, and community to find your voice, develop self-esteem, and experience the confidence and presence to increase your profile and comfortably rock every room you enter.

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Susan is an incredible coach. I found her at a time in my life where I felt lost and helpless. Through her style of coaching she guided me into self-empowerment. I have re-signed with her 3 times and will continue to work with her as my coach for as long as I can. My results when I am being coached by Susan are astronomical vs when I try and navigate these waters alone. Thank you Susan, you helped me to change my life.


Susan holds the space beautifully for all my crazy. There is no topic, however superficial or heavy that I cannot bring to the session. I always feel safe to share my most shameful thoughts and fears. She helps me process my intense emotions and release them instead of resisting them. She won’t ever buy into my self-deprecating story and will show me that the “monster under my bed” is just a shadow cast by my own thinking.


Susan is a phenomenal coach. She zeroes in on the real issues and helps me see them more clearly. She has the ability to anticipate what I'm thinking, and she motivates me to take action and get things done, rather than allowing me to indulge in confusion, self-doubt, and indecision. Susan offers tough coaching and has a great sense of humor that makes her relatable and fun to work with.

You might be wondering if anyone else is dealing with these challenges ...or is it just you?

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A Unique Community

It can be challenging to speak up when you feel like you have nothing substantive to say and to stand out when the extroverts are blocking the way.

This is your time to learn and thrive in a safe environment as you overcome life-long battles with social anxiety and connect with people who get you. 

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What you'll learn

  • Master business-social situations + initiate conversations with anyone
  • Overcome the fear of judgment, rejection + Manage your thoughts
  • Increase your confidence to publish your expert status
  • Create a positive mindset
  • Make friends + network like the superstar you are
  • Increase your influence + make an immediate, memorable impact on the people you meet
  • Non-verbals + Body language essentials
  • Speaking in public, from the stage to the conference room to Zoom
  • Overcome self-consciousness to create live videos
  • Stop over-thinking and worrying about what others think
  • Connect with Charisma 
  • Communicating with impact in social media
  • Get the job you want + increase your income
  • And much more!


Likeminded peers will help you take action, create a powerful presence, and start sharing your amazing self with the world. 

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Group Coaching

Coaching hot seats provide members with a safe place to express goals and use the group's support to enforce accountability.

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Monthly Masterclasses

Monthly laser-focused classes where we’ll go deep with experts and provide you with the guidance you need to stand-out.

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