Raise Your Professional Grade

Raise Your Professional Grade

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2019

"Believe in what you do and think hard about what kind of changes you want your work to make."

That quote, attributed to Ceci Bastida sums-up the transition from the moniker of Oh My Gauche! to Business Class.

For the past nine years, Oh My Gauche! performed precisely as it was intended, to stand-out in a staid arena, and bring attention, some levity and lightheartedness to the often uptight, stodgy topic of etiquette.

As the founder of the firm, I embrace change. I believe that we should all be so lucky to have the ability to make our mark as we see fit and to receptive audiences. Remaining in atrophy is unnecessary, and not how our lives were intended to unfold.

Alas, I love a good pun, play on words and idioms, and after months of searching and focus groups, Business Class was selected as the corporate name, although we continue to offer a robust selection of youth programs.

Don't be fooled. Etiquette is not an endgame, and all clients, including private coaching, corporate HR managers, universities and youth programs recognize the  need and necessity for well-rounded training in a full complement of social, soft, interpersonal, and emotional intelligence skills, and not exclusively  table manners and niceties, That's precisely what we provide.

Welcome to Business Class.


Outshine Your Competitors in Less Than 10-minutes

Be Confident - Check.
Stop feeling awkward - Check.
No more social anxiety - Check.
Initiate Conversations with Ease - Check.
 Create unshakable confidence + eliminate limiting beliefs so you can rock every room you're in. 



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